PV Evolution Labs to Speak on PV Testing Methods and Solar Panel Reliability Issues

February 15, 2012

Independent solar panel test lab, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), will present its findings from recent PV characterization work at industry events scheduled in February and March 2012. Module manufacturers, solar investors and project developers utilize PVEL to assess solar panel reliability and durability.

  • As part of the Inverter and PV System Technology Forum USA hosted by Solarpraxis on February 27, 2012 in San Francisco, PVEL will present Beyond Certification: Solar Panel Supplier Qualification Strategies, an instructive, best practices overview for solar project developers and financiers. The USA Forum brings together entities involved in the manufacture, planning and construction of PV systems to discuss strategies for electrical systems optimization.
  • PVEL will also contribute to several sessions at the 2012 PV Module Reliability Workshop, hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and taking place in Golden, Colorado. On February 28, PVEL’s Jenya Meydbray will co-chair the afternoon session entitled Potential Induced and Other Bias-Related Degradation, and will present research performed in partnership with Canadian Solar on Characterization of Potential Induced Degradation Sensitivity of Crystalline Silicon Panels. PVEL’s work with NREL’s ongoing PV Quality Assurance Forum includes efforts to reduce risk and add confidence for those developing solar products and determining private investments in the solar industry. “While solar panel warranties and service life expectations have steadily risen, there are many examples of panels and systems underperforming in the field, leading to negative investor returns,” said Jenya Meydbray, Founder and CEO of PVEL. “Typical projections used to support project finance estimate a 0.5 percent per year degradation rate with zero catastrophic failure events yet industry experience tells us this level of quality and durability is not a given, and we are now able to clearly describe the rigorous due diligence necessary to minimize technology risk.”
  • Jenya Meydbray will present results from the company’s new Reliability Demonstration Test on Wednesday, February 29 in the morning session entitled, Proposed Test Protocols – IEC 61215 on Steroids. The Reliability Demonstration Test provides a comprehensive evaluation of a solar panel’s ability to withstand long-term, real-world stresses and Meydbray will cover results of this testing from the lab and the field.
  • In a presentation called Quality of Goods Installed on March 6 in San Francisco, PVEL will speak on the need to develop a consistent definition of ‘performance’ by identifying the reliability predictors and necessary standards and methodologies to approach testing PV systems to ensure selection of quality components. The workshop is part of Cleanpath’sDifferentiating Quality PV – Standards and Methodology for Underwriting Certainty, an event hosted by NREL and Sandia National Laboratories to identify needs for the industry, roles for the national labs and economic impacts from both the manufacturer and developer perspectives.