ZamRay Marks First Year Providing Solutions for Construction Waste

February 2, 2012

ZamRay, dubbed by Engineering News Record the “Craigslist of the construction world,” is celebrating its first year in business with the announcement that the unique site has already surpassed more than 750,000 viewers and over 2.5 million page views.

The company provides the construction industry with a way to reuse materials that might have otherwise been destined for a landfill. Contractors can also transform extra project items into revenue. The site currently has thousands of listings for everything from dump-trucks and ceiling fans to screwdrivers and safety cones.

General contractors and architects have also been able to apply LEED points to projects through the reuse of materials on the site.

Construction waste surpasses 136 tons per year according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Kurt Fisher, founder of ZamRay, said, “We’re providing a way for companies to connect and find a home for excess materials that might otherwise go into a dumpster. We’re a fledgling company, with a bright idea that is beginning to take off.”