Understanding and Managing Occupant Behaviors for Achieving Green Goals

January 26, 2012

Property management analyst Ashley Halligan was in touch the other day, saying she had the opportunity to interview folks at Lucid’s Design Group and LEED experts to pen an article concerning occupant behaviors and their impact on owner or manager green goals for a building. She gets attention with her lead:

Prepare to be shocked. Or at a minimum, informed. Occupancy behavior is holding us back from reaching environmental building performance goals. Not funding. Not awareness levels. Just behavior.

Every day, new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified and energy-efficient facilities are built and/or modernized. But as eco-friendly a design may be, achieving performance goals is impossible without tenant participation. Therefore, methods and strategies to boost tenant compliance must become an integral part of green building, before and after occupancy.

Halligan reports the results of her research in this post, pointing “five ways to encourage behaviors that align with environmental performance goals.”

  • Engage Occupants Before They Move In
  • Take A Holistic Approach
  • Measure with New Technologies
  • Provoke Competition
  • Create Transparency

For anyone in the property management end of the business, her findings are worth reading.

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