SolarEdge Launches a New Line of North American Inverters

January 26, 2012

SolarEdge Technologies announced today the introduction of a new line of top efficiency, single phase solar inverters for the North American market.

The new range of inverters is designed for North American installations, and can be ordered with an extended operating temperature range of -40°F – 140°F (-40°C – 60°C).

The SolarEdge inverters are specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers for maximum flexibility in system design for residential and commercial installations, enabling full roof utilization for more modules and larger capacity per PV system. To enhance design flexibility and grid compatibility, the range of SolarEdge inverters is now extended to include 3kW, 3.8kW, 5kW, 6kW and 7kW single phase inverters with grid support for 208, 240 and 277VAC.

John Berdner, General Manager for SolarEdge’s North America operations said, “The new line of inverters represents an evolutionary step forward ensuring SolarEdge products continuously meet the needs of the growing North American PV market. The North American solar market is quickly adopting distributed power optimization solutions as the industry focuses on ease of design and better return on investment.”

Look for SolarEdge Technologies next training session or webinar to learn more about the SolarEdge product offering.

Photo: SolarEdge Technologies

Source: Business Wire