Eco-Hatchery’s New App Calculates Eco-Lighting Savings

August 7, 2011

For those still on the edge about switching over from standard lighting to energy efficient light bulbs, Eco-Hatchery has just released an app that can provide the final push over that edge. Their Bulb Finder app allows you to calculate an approximation of the money you would save by switching the light bulbs in your house with a variety of different energy efficient bulbs. The app is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

The app begins by asking you which type of fixture you want to put an energy efficient bulb in. There are a ton of different options, including lamp, torchere, ceiling, chandelier, fan, both covered and exposed outdoor fixtures, and many more. Once you have told the app which fixture, it will ask you what type of bulb is already in there, including the style, the base type, the wattage, and if there are any special features, such as if it is a dimmable bulb. It will then ask you how long, approximately, the bulb is on per day.