Earth Advantage and NEEA Launch Free Online Course “Ducts Inside” for Industry Professionals

July 22, 2011

The six different placement strategies covered in the course include: open web floor trusses, insulated attic trusses, conditioned attics, inverted soffits, dropped soffits and conditioned basements. Benefits for Builders and Homeowners include:

  • Benefits of the course include smaller heating system for builders and homeowners which can save space, energy and of course overall lower utility bill for homeowners.
  • The shorter duct system can reduce installation time  for builders and follow a path that can meet ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Builder can also qualify for tax credits and higher utility incentives
  • Homeowners can also enjoy a healthier indoor air quality, reduced moisture in the home and convenient placement of duct works for inspection and repair.

The “Duct Inside” course is open to anyone interested in learning about this new construction method. The deadline for registration is July 31, 2011.  The course takes typically three hours to complete and a certificate is awarded to those who complete it. The course can be applied toward continuing education credit or three AIA learning units.  The “Duct Inside” course is supported by the Department of Energy and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Earth Advantage Institute is a non-profit company working with sustainable businesses and building industry to improve green building practices. Their goals are to produce immediate, practical yet cost-effective methods to sustainable built environments. NEEA works with local utility companies, public officials, state officials and public interest group to encourage development of energy-efficient products and services.

Source: Earth Advantage Institute

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