Energy Independence Begins with Home Solar Power Storage Systems

July 21, 2011

About the author: Lorna Li is Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV and Entrepreneurs for a Change, where she enjoys writing about green business and marketing

Energy independence is a growing trend in the U.S. Most of the time it refers to America’s need to transition away from dependence on fossil fuels that are imported from around the world. The best thing individuals can do to speed the nation’s movement away from oil and gas, and toward a clean energy economy is to utilize renewable energy in all possible facets of their daily lives.

Thanks to increased opportunities for solar financing,  energy independence are now easier and more affordable than ever to install a home solar system. If you’re thinking about taking it one step further and declaring complete independence from the traditional power grid, it’s essential to have a reliable power storage system.

When many people first learn about home solar power, they envision a system in which sunlight converts into electricity through a photovoltaic solar panel, and then that electricity travels through wires into their home.
Although simplified, this is basically how it works…when the sun is shining. But if you’re using an off-grid solar system and the weather is overcast for a few days, you need some sort of power storage system as a back-up.




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