Internap Has First Public Data Center to Achieve Green Globes Certification

Internap Network Services Corporation’s Santa Clara data center has just achieved Green Globes certification, making it the first public data center in the U.S. to receive this certification, as well as the first non-governmental building in California to do so. Internap, a provider of intelligent IT infrastructure services, received the Green Globes “New Construction” certification, which examines and evaluates, as well as gives advice to improve, the environmental performance of new construction and major renovation projects.

Internap’s Santa Clara center received the certification for both interior and exterior renovations that ensured the building consumed fewer fossil fuels, reduced greenhouse emissions, conserved water, and reduced other forms of pollution.

“Internap’s Santa Clara data center highlights the success that is possible in the design and construction of an environmentally sustainable commercial building,” said Joe Pinelli, vice president and general manager of Green Globes at GBI, in a press release. “The unique requirements of data centers – specifically the tremendous energy usage – typically make them a difficult fit for sustainability programs, but this project achieved excellent results and was a shining example of how to attack that problem. Internap’s team should be proud of the manner in which it approached the overall design and construction for efficient use of energy and resources, a healthy environment for its employees and fiscal prudence for the company itself.”

One of the innovations at the Santa Clara data center is the use of reclaimed water. It is the first commercial data center in California to use reclaimed rather than potable water to help cool the building, which is projected to save 76,300 gallons per day and 27,849,500 gallons per year, the equivalent of 46.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools of potable water annually.

Internap also tackled the difficult problem of energy efficiency in their data center, as most data centers require a very high level of energy to operate. The Energy Star Target Finder tool, which calculates the use of energy in a facility, showed almost a 50 percent reduction in energy use at the data center, thanks to the use of high-efficiency lighting and controls that greatly decrease power consumption relative to similar facilities. The building will also utilize green power in its office area for a period of two years to help reduce the strain of power companies and lower greenhouse gas emissions caused by power plants.

In addition to these features, Internap reused more than 99 percent of the exterior structural components, as well as nearly 85 percent of its overall construction, thereby avoiding sending construction waste to landfills. The new additions to the facility also include several carpool parking stalls in an effort to encourage commuters to reduce air pollution and oil consumption.

“Everybody wins when you increase energy efficiency, so it’s incumbent upon us to explore all possible opportunities. Working with the Green Buildings Initiative helped us to do that, holding us accountable to the highest standards and validating our efforts,” said Randy Ortiz, director of data center design and engineering at Internap, in a press release. “Our success in attaining the Green Globes certification at our Santa Clara data center will provide an important template for achieving environmental sustainability at all of our new facilities moving forward.”

SOURCE: PR Newswire, Internap

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