Octagon Apartment Community is the First in New York Powered By Fuel Cell

May 29, 2011

Fuel cells present a promising technology that NYSERDA strongly supports,” said Francis J. Murray Jr., the president and CEO of NYSERDA, in a press release. “I commend The Octagon for the innovative energy and environmental investments throughout its facility for which all residents can be proud, and look forward to partnering on future clean energy projects.”

This new fuel cell is not the only green thing about the Octagon, though. The 500-unit apartment building, which is recognized as a national historic place, has a number of other features that sets it apart from most other apartment buildings. Over 40% of the materials used to construct the Octagon came from recycled sources, including all of the wood floor and stair treads. It also boasts an entertainment center in the lounge built entirely from sunflower seeds, deck chairs made from 100% recycled plastic, and kitchen cabinets made from wheat hulls.

In addition to the fuel cell, the Octagon is also powered by a 50 kW solar panel system that lights the hallways, the largest solar panel array on a residential building in New York City.

SOURCES: PR Newswire, the Octagon

PHOTO SOURCE: the Octagon



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