New Internet-Based Sprinkler Controller Prevents Watering in the Rain

May 23, 2011

Cyber-Rain, a green company that specializes in creating sprinkler control systems, has created a new technology, called the XCI Cloud, to manage and control your sprinkler system via the Internet. According to their website, users see an average of a 35% reduction in water use.

Rather than relying on built-in timers, as most sprinkler systems do, the XCI Cloud allows homeowners to adjust their sprinkler settings from any Internet-connected computer, as well as through their iPhone via a free app. Users can avoid forgetting to change the settings before a vacation or long trip. The simple, picture-based interface allows a customized, water-wise schedule to be built quickly and easily.

The XCI Cloud also includes:

  • Automatic weather updates that adjust your watering schedule to avoid watering during the rain.
  • The ability to track your water savings by day and zone, as well as a detailed log of all watering activity, presented in an easy-to-read graph form.
  • Failure alerts sent via e-mail that instantly let you know if something is wrong.

“What we are providing is smart irrigation in the palm of your hand,” Cyber-Rain CEO Diana Schulz said in a press release. “XCI Cloud gives property owners and managers a graphical tool that lets them manage watering from any Internet-connected computer in the world…and even through an iPhone app. Users can create efficient watering schedules – that are customized to their landscape – through an intuitive interface that is easy to use. One of the biggest innovations of XCI Cloud is a comprehensive dashboard-based reporting capability that lets users know how much water (and money) they are saving. We track usage not only by property, but also by zone, which allows property managers and owners to maximize their watering efficiency. We also provide users comprehensive reporting on everything from valve diagnostics to detailed logs of all irrigation activity.”

The XCI Cloud comes in a number of different varieties based on the size of the property and whether it is a commercial or residential home. For homeowners, the XCI Controller costs $499.00, and the pro version, which includes the water savings report and automatic run-off prevention, costs $725.00. Cyber-Rain also sells a number of accessories, including a Rain Brain Sensor, which can detect when it is raining and turn off the sprinklers, even if rain was not predicted in the forecast.

Sources: PRWeb, Cyber-Rain