PepsiCo Goes Greener With Recyclable and Compostable Cups

May 18, 2011

PepsiCo announced this week that it will now offer five options of eco-friendly, compostable and recyclable cups to Foodservice customers in the United States.

Soda cans are 100% recyclable and among the most recycled consumer packaging in the U.S. But “in a can” is not the only way that beverages are delivered to consumers; colleges, stadiums, theme parks, and eateries are just a few of the many places fountain soda is served in disposable cups. Pepsi hopes to make consumers aware that their new cups can be recycled or composted, keeping them out of landfills.

PepsiCo will distribute the new, environmental friendly cups through their company owned and independent bottler distribution systems. The eco-friendly cup options include fully recyclable clear plastic cups, compostable paper cups, and wax cups made with plant-based materials from sustainably managed forests.

The cups came, says PepsiCo in their press release, due to growing demand for eco-friendly. According to a Beveragepulse study in 2010, 94 percent of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of beverage packing.

The green cups, pictured left, are branded with the Pepsi logo and communicate they are eco-friendly. The cups also encourage consumers to visit to learn how to properly dispose of materials in their local communities.

This roll out is in line with PepsiCo’s overall environmental goal of being more green and sustainable with its packaging. The company has made additional green innovations with a fully recyclable green bottle made from bio based raw materials, and a juice bottle made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic.

As more companies like PepsiCo realize that consumers want to be more eco-friendly, we should see more and more green products from food packaging and clothing to garage doors and cars.

Image Source: PepsiCo Multimedia



Chris Keenan

is a green and general blog writer. He also maintains a personal cooking blog.