Green Goddess Restaurant: A New Way to Dine

April 11, 2011

Going green does not mean that every tiny detail has to be analyzed and evaluated, it can just mean that the environment is considered and that human health is a primary factor in all decisions. In restaurants the best sustainable attributes are natural ingredients and healthy surroundings. 

The Green Goddess in New Orleans, LA thrives on these two premises. The two owners/chefs are Paul Artiques and Chris DeBarr, both whom had their own following of customers when joined together to create this unique restaurant in the heart of the French Quarter. Artiques and DeBarr continue their own unique styles, now combined, at the Green Goddess. 

Exterior dining


The restaurant opened in May 2009 and is known for its worldly-eclectic menu that is made up of natural ingredients. The Green Goddess also incorporates a vegetarian variety of dishes. Their menu is based on foreign foods and locally iconic dishes to New Orleans that come together in a harmonized home-away-from-home dining atmosphere. To many visitors the food may be classified as exotic or unfamiliar, but they want their visitors to trust the chefs’ experiences and expertise and to just enjoy the food. 

A Variety of Dishes


The menu, including drinks are prepared fresh. These drinks consist of adventurous combination juices, non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails. The Green Goddess serves brunch, lunch and dinner. The restaurant does not take reservations because the owners want the small, intimate setting to remain spontaneous. 

The restaurant does include some very environmentally aware choices, besides the food, such as: 

  • They made their own bar, tables and chairs
  • Hired local businesses to add decorative elements like the pressed copper ceiling and pineapple chandelier
  • Offer outdoor seating
  • Walking distance of main attraction area in New Orleans

    Interior of Green Goddess


They have also incorporated some very uncommon practices in the business that allows the customers a better, more informed eating experience, primarily that all of the staff is fully trained in the kitchen. They state, 

“The Green Goddess has hired a talented team of cooks to manage every aspect of the restaurant, including all front-of-the-house service. This means that the waiters at each table also know how to cook the food being served, and are ready for any questions guests may have about the menu. The result is an intimate dining experience for guests with all the expertise of the kitchen involved in every step of the meal.” 

Since all business need to be more human-environment oriented and do their part to be green, it is nice to see a small restaurant opening unconventional views on both food and sustainability. The Green Goddess is more than comfort food; it is a comforting thought of eclectic progression and ingredients. 

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Jennifer Shockley

Jennifer is originally from Colorado and has recently moved back from Michigan. She is finishing up her Master’s degree in Architecture. She is currently focusing on urban planning and sustainable design and hopes to gain employment at a design firm specializing in these areas. Jennifer also has writing experience serving as an editor for her school newspaper and college magazine. Jennifer has two cats named Prada and Dior-aptly named after her shoe obsession. You can follow Jennifer on twitter @jenshock81.