New York E-waste Recycling Law Now in Effect

April 5, 2011

Under an electronics recycling law that is now in effect in New York, electronics manufacturers must take back used electronics items.  The law took effect last Friday. Under the law, electronics manufacturers to make it “free and convenient for New York residents to recycle their old computers, television sets and gadgets.

According to The New York Times, some major companies already take items back via collections and trade-in programs. But the new law requires the makers of electronics set up a permanent system of collections throughout the state.

The idea behind all of this is to make it easy for consumers to ready themselves for 2015, when it will be illegal to throw electronics into the regular trash.

Under the law, Rachel Cernansky, Environmental writer at Treehugger says, “That means if someone is buying a new computer from one manufacturer, that company is required to accept the person’s used computer, regardless of what brand it is. It must then recycle or reuse the products, and not dispose of them in landfill or hazardous waste sites.

To set up collection programs, manufacturers must register with the Department of Environmental Conservation – the overseer of the law – to establish a convenient program for collecting electronics. It is also up to manufacturers to establish additional collection programs, whether they are in stores, through collection events, or through mail-back programs.

The law in New York will serve as an example that other countries, states and municipalities can watch in attempting to deal with the worldwide problem of e-waste that is poisoning landfills, water tables and living entities. Some locations in India, Ghana and China have become notorious for piles of poisonous waste products that poverty stricken people try to collect and recycle without any safeguards.

Source: New York Times, Treehugger

Photo Source: TreeHugger



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