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Loblolly House on Stilts Stands Up To Traditional Architecture Processes

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Kieran Timberlake Architects have been fighting for architecture to improve as other fields have throughout the years, quickly, cheaply, and smarter in design features.

They have questioned why architecture is still done the same way that it has been done for years when professions such as ship building, automotives, and airplane engineering have bounded ahead with technological breakthroughs.

Finally, using their ideas of prefabricated parts for a building in new technological advances in architecture, are displayed in the design of Stephen Kieran’s family’s weekend home, the Loblolly House, located on Taylors Island, Maryland. This is an entirely prefabricated residence of 2,200 sq. ft. on stilts, made up of Loblolly Pine to be one with its surrounding naturalistic elements.

Looking Out of Awning

The house was fabricated in thousands of “building blocks” and assembled on-site in less than six weeks.  They describe the process,

“The assembly process begins with off-site fabricated floor and ceiling panels, termed “smart cartridges.” Other features of Lobolly house:

  • The  blocks distribute radiant heating, hot and cold water, waste water, ventilation, and electricity through the house.
  • Fully integrated bathroom and mechanical room modules are lifted into position.
  • Exterior wall panels containing structure, insulation, windows, interior finishes and the exterior wood rain screen complete the cladding.
  • The west wall is an adjustable glazed system with two layers: interior accordion-style folding glass doors and exterior polycarbonate-clad hangar doors that provide an adjustable awning as well as weather and storm protection
  • The adjustable awning opens for passive cooling and also closes to store the sun’s energy for off-the-grid heat.

Construction Phase of Loblolly House

The most unique aspect of this house, besides its assembly, is its ability to be disassembled. This allows for easy repairs, alterations, reclaiming and recycling of materials without a harsh impact on the environment.

“It is a vision in which our architecture, even as it is disassembled at some unknown moment, can be relocated and reassembled in new ways from reclaimed parts.”

This truly is a house that blends nature and architecture and will leave a minimal footprint once it has been disassembled and its parts used in a new life.

Kieran Timberlake Architects is on the leading edge of where architecture is heading with their use of prefabricated parts. The future holds no boundaries!

Resources: Kieran Timberlake Architects

Fathers Day celebration turns sour

New Straits Times June 19, 2008

New Straits Times 06-19-2008 Fathers Day celebration turns sour Edition: Main/Lifestyle Section: Main Section

MALACCA: A mother of four is in a coma after she injured her head in a fall while struggling with a snatch thief in Jalan Merbok here on Saturday.

Chua Sock Yong was taking her husband for an early Fathers Day treat at 11.30am with their three daughters when a youth on a motorcycle grabbed her handbag. this web site fathers day crafts

Tan Ah Suan, 54, a sales executive, could only watch helplessly as his wife fell to the ground, still holding on to her handbag as the thief tried to grab it. He then gave up and fled. in our site fathers day crafts

Tan tried to chase after the suspect, but turned around to assist his wife and wrapped her head in a towel to stop the bleeding.

Chua, who suffers from kidney ailment and high blood pressure, was rushed to Pantai Hospital and was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit where she slipped into a coma.

Daughter Tan Kang Ping, 21, said her mother would undergo more tests this week.

A police report was lodged on Tuesday.

In another incident, Fatimah Ahmad, 56, from Kuala Sungai Baru lost RM27,000 which she had withdrawn minutes earlier from a bank in Masjid Tanah.

The money was in her handbag which was on the front passenger seat. Two men on a motorcycle smashed the car window and grabbed the handbag when Fatimah had stopped at a junction.

State deputy CID chief Superintendent R. Gunarajan confirmed both reports.

He urged those with information on the cases to contact the state police hotline at 06-2851999 or the nearest police station.

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