What Are Eco-Friendly Garage Doors?

March 13, 2011

Most people are becoming more conscious of the effects human activity is having on the environment. So, many of us are attempting to live a ‘greener’ life and the truth of the matter is, small changes really can make a big difference. One such change is to choose an eco-friendly garage door, but what are eco-friendly garage doors?

What is an Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

Eco-friendly garage doors are often made from recycled or recyclable materials, which are resistant to weather damage and aging. In addition, the goal of a ‘green’ garage door is to help insulate your home. As you may already know, the garage door is likely to be the largest opening to your house and, if not properly insulated, can lead to increased energy use.

The doors are made from a variety of materials, so homeowners do not have to compromise the style of their home. For example, some eco-friendly garage doors are made from recycled wood fibres. On the other hand, there are many doors made from steel, which is considered ‘green’, because it has longevity and is recyclable.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

The most obvious reason to choose an environmentally friendly garage door is to do your bit to save the planet. However, if you need more of an incentive, there are many other reasons. For example, as mentioned above, the improved insulation of a ‘green’ garage door will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home, thereby reducing fuel costs.

Moreover, if you select a garage door that is made from composite materials, which will not warp or rot, it will not require the annual garage door repair or maintenance, such as painting or staining, that some older ones do.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the curb appeal of an attractive garage door. In these uncertain financial times, the housing market is a tough nut to crack, so if you want to ensure that your home stands out from the crowd, it is wise to consider the external appeal of your home.

How to Find an Eco-Friendly Garage Door

As with any purchase, it is essential to do some research and shop around for your new garage door. The internet is a great resource for this, as most all manufacturers list the details of their eco-friendly garage door and instructions on how to purchase. Which manufacturer to choose really depends on your location and your own personal preference.

Disposal of Your Old Door

One last thing to keep in mind when making your eco-friendly garage door purchase is what will happen to your old door. While many installers will take your old garage door away for recycling, some will just end up in a landfill, so be sure to ask them what they will do with it. Or, if you are feeling creative, there are a number of clever ways you can recycle and reuse your old garage door.



Chris Keenan

is a green and general blog writer. He also maintains a personal cooking blog.