TD Go Green Challenge Needs Your Help

March 4, 2011

Couple of students at University of Calgary, namely Kimberly Bowal, Michael Hermann, Christopher Bowal created a video on sustainability for TD Go Green Challenge.

132 teams from 59 schools from across Canada have told us how they would tackle their schools’ greatest sustainability challenges.

The Bowals and Hermann decided to tackle this challenge by focusing on sustainability, one step at a time. The goal is to “Revitalize sustainability measures, increase fitness and lessen the negative environmental impact of elevators by promoting existing stairway infrastructure through auditory/visual enhancements, nature themes, educational Eco-facts and sustainability-focused features, says Bowal.

Another goal they are striving to reach is to win this contest. The team that wins the TD Go Green Challenge earns their home university $100,000 to implement the sustainability measures outlined in their video. So help out a good cause with your vote by voting.

We are featuring this endeavor as a team on Important Media. According to one of the editors, “It’s absolutely hilarious. It really is a clever low-tech solution.” Ecoscraps deems it healthier and greener if people used the stairs to better our planet. Way to use their creativity to give the much overlooked stairs their own feature and love . Although, Green Building Elements recently gave the stairs their own feature as well. Best of luck to the ingenious and creative University of Calgary students. May you win this challenge for your school.



Susie Kim-Carberry

Susie Kim-Carberry is a professional writer who's been featured in numerous publications, both in print and online. She started as a features writer for The Bayonet Newspaper in 1997 and studied print journalism at the University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Media. Kim-Carberry is currently focusing on online media as a freelance writer, content producer and also serves as a site editor for Important Media. A self-confessed travel addict, her other equally important job is being a semi-crunchy mom to her two daughters. She tries to maintain a balanced life through her yoga practice and secretly dreams of being a Parisian one day.