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Miranda Homes is a Company That Leads the Way of Sustainable Construction

Home owners and home builders are looking for new technologies to simplify construction and to improve the impact that the home has on the environment.  Rob Boydstun changed his metal works company that built car carriers into a company that’s leading the way in recycled, prefabricated homes called Miranda Homes. 

Many attributes contribute to the fact that these homes are more sustainable than traditional wood-framed houses.  Some of the contributing factors are that the foundation is poured in one day, thus eliminating waste and shortening the time it can be completed, also that the walls are built in a controlled-plant environment not on-site, then shipped to the site and assembled in one day, lessening travel and construction time, plus energy wasted in transport and materials.  These homes can be built in 45-60 days from ground breaking and require one-third less labor than wood-framed homes.

The wall panel systems are 100% recycled steel from junked cars.  Miranda Homes uses both rigid and blown-in foam insulation, thus reducing air-transfer that is typical with steel structures.  This insulation combination also controls passive vents and heat loss by piping.

Other bonuses to the prefabricated recycled steel walls are:

  • Pest/Moisture resistant
  • Outlasts traditional materials
  • Affordable
  • Technologically advanced

Mark Mecklem, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Miranda Homes states,

“Miranda Homes is always researching new products to see how they fit into our building principles and methods. We’re looking for products that improve safety for our people, reduce impact on the environment, and increase the quality, monthly savings, and longevity of our homes for the homeowners.”

They have currently seven different home designs to choose from and have partnered with Landwaves, Inc. to build a housing community in Oregon.  “Modern House Magazine” wrote of Boydstun’s company’s engineering progress,

“In the end, it’s not the style that makes these houses “modern,” rather the efficiency.”

Efficiency as a home builder is just as important as efficiency for the home owner.  Miranda Homes knows how important this is and is changing the construction industry by changing their ways making more sustainable options available to the public.

Sources: Miranda HomesOregon Live, Modern  House Magazine, Earth Advantage

Photo Source: Green Diary


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Jennifer is originally from Colorado and has recently moved back from Michigan. She is finishing up her Master’s degree in Architecture. She is currently focusing on urban planning and sustainable design and hopes to gain employment at a design firm specializing in these areas. Jennifer also has writing experience serving as an editor for her school newspaper and college magazine. Jennifer has two cats named Prada and Dior-aptly named after her shoe obsession. You can follow Jennifer on twitter @jenshock81.

  • Ashley Wilkes

    It’s great how Miranda Housing is innovating the wall construction and materials paradigm in the many ways stated in the article. However, like so many other sustainable building innovators, they don’t think out of the box. We’ll never get to the point where we should be in dwelling and commercial building construction until we do away with the The Box Paradigm. Energy and construction-time-efficient as Miranda Homes may be, box structures are vulnerable to high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, ergo, Mother Nature’s frequent human-unfriendly behavior. I believe the monolithic dome should be the basic core paradigm of most construction. When built with innovation and common sense, the monolithic dome paradigm is the most resistant to extreme/destructive natural events. I’ve been working and brainstorming to design a monolithic dome structure to deal with the
    few valid drawbacks present, but far from impossible to resolve, in its design. I’m working toward what I believe will be raise the dwelling construction bar for energy efficiency, sustainability, low construction cost, ease of construction, disaster resistance, ease of maintenance and related costs, aesthetic profile, and durability. Perhaps GBE will be the first to publish the article in which I will detail my final design.

  • I am glad to see this method being developed. As for the Box Paradigm, I think that it will be difficult to convince homeowners to change their attitudes. How many homes still are around based on Buckminster-Fuller’s Dymaxon design or his sphere? I would like to see builders incorporating curves at the corners though. The box design places too much stress on the foundation at these points. BY distributing the weight through a rounded corner design, we create a better method for handling the weight of the home on the foundation.

  • Ashley Wilkes

    “I think that it will be difficult to convince homeowners to change their attitudes. How many homes still are around based on Buckminster-Fuller’s Dymaxon design or his sphere?” With that kind of rationale there would not much going on to fruition innovative and inspiring Green Building. Your question about Bucky Fuller-designed structures is a rhetorical one. Fuller mentored me and others in several workhops he created to teach the concepts behind domebuilding, best strategies for erecting them, materials to use. To wit, It certainly makes good sense to “round out” the style of vehicles for smoother driving and better mileage but that does’t change the basic paradigm of the car’s propulsion system which should be entirely electric, hydrogen, or biofuel made from switch grass. A dwelling wall that is on vertical and 10 to 20
    ft in height, will act like a sail if hit broadside by straight line winds of
    over 120 mph. I wouldn’t want to wager that Miranda built walls would not be damage such scenarios.

    I never claimed that it would be easy to change the attitudes of the masses. That’s just a challenge to me and I see that as a reason not to abandon my efforts. By the F. Buck Fuller was not the first to come with the dome concept. He refined it and he made it popular.

    The Zeiss I planetarium in Jena, conceived and constructed by Walther Baursfeld in 1923 is considered the first geodesic dome derived from the icosahedron, more than 20 years before Buckminster Fuller reinvented and popularized this design.

    A “monolithic ” dome is not really a dome from a Fuller perspective.
    I’m referring to the monolithic dome – not a Fuller-based geodesic structure. There are huge differences despite the obvious similar roundness.

  • J-Rock

    EcoSteel offer a slightly different approach to prefab construction. Rather than using foam insulated in between wall supports we use pre-insulated steel wall and roof panels. This speeds production even faster as the exterior of wall panel acts as the facade of the house. You can find out more detail about us and our eco-friendly way of home construction.

  • Thanks for the blog loaded with a lot of information.

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