Ventilating Little Used Areas of Home Requires Vigilance

December 30, 2010

Too often, the little used areas in homes are overlooked. Storage closets can easily be a victimized to moths, centipedes or mold; attics and crawl spaces can suffer similar problems from inadequate ventilation.

On the ventilation end of the maintenance list come a series of crawl space ventilation fans from Minnesota-based Tjernlund Products. The fans, called “UnderAireTM”, offer homeowners a simple, easy and cost-effective way to mechanically circulate fresh outdoor air underneath homes and porches and control the effects of excessive dampness.

Untreated enclosed areas of a house that are affected by high humidity and dampness may eventually face structural deficiencies, including premature rotting of support columns and floor joists. If rotting such as this begins to take place, the potential for termite infestation increases.

Proper ventilation in enclosed areas such as these helps vent radon, and suppress mold. Additionally, if treated lumber has been used anywhere, the potential for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors migrating into living areas is reduced.

Tjernlund markets it UnderAire fans as the only crawl space ventilators that are currently listed by ETL as “suitable for damp conditions.”

The UnderAire models feature freeze protection thermostats that prevent the units from operating if temperatures are below 40° F. The units are priced from between $100 and $250, says Andrew Tjernlund, adding that the company also features a similar product that has been designed for basements. The reversible basement fan is called the xCHANGER.

The deluxe models are ready to plug into an electrical outlet. Tjernlund says UnderAire fans can be installed in minutes, run quietly and require no maintenance.

Complete UnderAire information, including installation, number-of-ventilators-required calculator, performance and dimensions is available on the company website.

The toll-free number is 800-255-4208.



Glenn Meyers

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