Green Business Carnival #23

November 12, 2010

It’s the countdown to the weekend and Green Building Elements has the pleasure of hosting the Green Business Blog Carnival again which was started by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog and Nick Aster of Triple Pundit. Great green business related posts to get your weekend started off right and on track.

In remembrance of Veterans Day, Ecopreneurist lists five green business owned by veterans in their post, “Veteran’s Day Special: 5 Veteran-Owned Green Businesses”. Veterans Day is more so known for flag waving, celebrating, and honoring those who served or currently serve in the armed forces. According to the Ecopreneurist,  “But, equally as important, is the spirit of serving the greater good that these men and women often carry with them after separating from active duty.” Green Businesses started by veterans include: an organic waste material company, green building material company, alternative energy company and a training institute. Each former members of the armed forces bring passion, dedication, and wanting to do good for the environment along with discipline and “hooah” attitude to make their business a success. Much commendations to these servicemen for serving our country and also caring for the environment.

A sustainable concept in farming has been vertical farms which was more in theory than practice but finally, it is coming to fruition. According to an article by Triple Pundit, “Vertical Farms Realized: Growing Power Launches 5 Story Expansion“, A 35,000 square foot building with 5 story in Milwaukee, WI will be utilized as a vertical farm. The building will serve as “a greenhouse like structure capturing light and heat, even in the dead of winter. The building would circulate air and water to provide nutrients for a variety of plants,” Nick Astor said. This non-profit venture is produced by Growing Power utilizing fund-raising and various sources to start this venture.

Inspired Economist will be attending SRI in the Rockies: Next week in San Antonio, TX. “SRI in the Rockies is the premier North American conference for investors, investment professionals, and organizations working with money in more sustainable, responsible, and impactful ways,” Emily DeMasi said. Speakers will include top business executive, business strategists and even a social scientist. Sounds like a great business conference and we wish Emily safe travels to San Antonio.

GreenBuild 2010, the biggest conference for green builders and designers is happening in the windy city of Chicago next week. Our anchor, Dawn Killough will be attending and covering for Green Building Elements. She did a preview of the upcoming events, Greenbuild 2010 Preview. If you are attending, you should also check out Green Source which asked resident green architects and designers, best place to go in Chicago during the GreenBuild 2010 Conference.

That’s it for Green Business Carnival #23, next stop will be Earth & Industry who will host the Green Business Carnival #24. Enjoy your weekend everyone and it was a pleasure hosting the carnival.

Also, if you want to host the carnival on your blog check out the opportunities at Sustainablog and to submit posts visit Triple Pundit for the submission form.



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