Monthly Archives:November 2010

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The Problem When Trash Meets Ocean

This past August, the Ocean Conservancy set sail with San Francisco-based Project Kaisei to expand research and help with some cleanup on the massive trash vortex that exists in the North Pacific Gyre. Four boats joined in the journey, including a barge for hauling away trash from this “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

November 30th

Smart Windows Save Energy

SageGlass offers designers a way to include lots of glass without the potential energy loss. Electrochromic glass responds to exterior light levels to automatically control the amount of light in a space.

November 30th

Greenbuild 2010 Ends With ‘What’s Next?’

As Greenbuild 2010 wrapped up in Chicago on Friday, the focus turned to 'what's next in the green building world?' Green is no longer cutting edge. The theme for Greenbuild 2010 was "Generation Green." It focused on how the green movement has transitioned beyond an up-and-coming trend, and is now a mainstream part of society and the business world. The race now is to make it more affordable.

November 22nd

Two Steps Towards A VOC Free, Green Nursery

My wife and I are expecting our first child in March. As new parents-to-be we are beyond excited. But we’re also nervous. We want to make sure we bring our child into a clean and safe environment, one free of toxins and pollutants. So we’ve set to work on making the baby’s room an eco and pollutant free nursery. Whether you are expecting or just want to make your rooms a little more green, there are two big things you want to keep in mind…

November 22nd

LED Economics Make Sensible Solutions

A year ago, Eco-story LED Lighting Solutions was selected by The Timberland Company (NYSE: TBL) to “help its stores make an eco-friendly shift in lighting.” The results are impressive – both economically and environmentally.

November 19th