Green Business Blog Carnival Series 12

August 27, 2010

Green Building Elements is excited to host the Green Business Blog Carnival, a traveling weekly series that offers hodge podge of posts from green blogs. Started by sustainablog and TriplePundit (3P); it’s the perfect weekly wrap up to start your weekend off right.

3P asks Do We Need a Green Tea Party? What’s a fiscally conservative greenie to do? Perhaps the tea party has some merit, if only they would grasp ecological principals…

Another possible greenwashing alert on SUNfiltered: O2’s “Eco Ratings” for cell phones: green or greenwash? British cell network O2’s new “Eco Rating” system for phonesprobably isn’t genuinely dishonest… but the lack of information regarding how phones were rated really doesn’t help a consumer make responsible choices.

The Inspired Economist’s take on the biggest green building and design conference of the year. Greenbuild 2010 is coming to Chicago in November. Exciting to see a coverage for this much anticipated event. 2010 Greenbuild: Generation Green is Redefining Our Future

Over at Doc’s Green Blog, A flow chart of how the energy is used in the U.S offers an insight on our energy waste and efficiency. U.S. Energy Flows: the 2009 U.S. Energy Use flow chart is out from Lawrence Livermore National Lab. Coal is down, wind is up, solar is tiny and 75% of the energy used in transportation takes us nowhere. We can learn a lot from this remarkable infographic.

“Green Business” is the new buzzword in today’s corporate world. From cars to energy and living to construction, green products are springing up. What about the outliers? Here are seven green businesses in different industries you’ve never heard of before. 7 Green Businesses You’ve Never Heard Of

The Cleantechies offers the latest possible renewable material that might solve the current energy crisis. Scientists are now looking at Uranium as the answer to this conundrum. Can Uranium 238 Solve the Energy Crisis?

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is one of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world. It has also long been a target of green groups for its logging practices. The company claims these are false accusations. So what’s the truth? Eco-Libris blog is interviewing Ian Lifshitz, Sustainability & Public Outreach Manager at APP in an attempt to figure that out.

Green Building Elements finds that Green Marketing Claims Not Always Believed. According to a recent survey of consumers and executives, most people don’t think Corporate America is doing enough to “green up their act.”

And our final post which covers one of my favorite things in the world.. vino. Eat, Drink, Better asks Do Sustainable Practices Make Better Wine? Personally I have tried many certified Organic wines and even wines made from sustainable wineries. Like all wines, some were hits and misses.. but I did find for the most part, the quality of the wine remained just as good or even better than traditionally made wines.

That’s it for Green Business Blog Carnival Series 12. Happy reading everyone.

If you are interested in being featured in the Green Blog Carnival Series, bloggers can submit posts for future carnivals at Triplepundit, and the schedule for hosting is available at sustainablog.