Making Biodiesel a Home Heating or Transportation Option

August 24, 2010

Seattle’s Lyle Rudensey, pictured here, was kind enough to send a copy of his two-DVD set, BioLyle’s Biodiesel Workshop,” for review. It is well worth the time. For anybody interested in knowing about biodiesel, whether as a hobby or part of a cooperative effort, watching this video set is a great way to get started. But be prepared to spend a fair stretch of time with it, as the running length tallies up to 224 minutes.

A viewer’s time will be well spent, however. Lyle Rudensey takes viewers into his classroom for an in-depth lesson concerning everything from the chemistry to the tools required for biodiesel manufacture. Then it is into his garage for a ‘seeing-is-believing’ demonstration that covers all of the steps involved, from collection and filtering, to titration, processing, storing, and cleaning. His blog is also worth a visit.

On the Utah Biodiesel Supply website, Graydon Blair writes that Rudensey “has taught literally hundreds of people how to make their own Biodiesel through his hands-on Biodiesel workshops in the Seattle, WA area. His relaxed teaching style combined with his incredible knowledge of the Biodiesel production process makes for an incredible experience that students come away from raving about. Not only does he make the whole process incredibly easy to learn, but you’ll come away knowing so much more about why Biodiesel works, why anyone can make it, and how you can get started on a budget!”

Rudensey has been making all of his own fuel for his car and home heating stove since 2003. His experience and expertise show quite well. His passion for this work has a contagious effect. Even people who don’t own a diesel vehicle sometimes claim they are ready to get one after watching his videos, just so they can top off the tank with something other than petroleum and then mosey down the road without stinking up the neighborhood.

For those interested in this set of DVDs, they can be purchased at Rudensey’s website or Utah Biodiesel Supply. The price is $39.95, plus shipping. Other comprehensive video information about biodiesel can be found at the Utah Biodiesel Supply website.



Glenn Meyers

Writer, documentary producer, and director. Meyers is a contributor to CleanTechnica, and founder of Green Streets MediaTrain, a communications connection and eLearning hub. As an independent producer, he's been involved in the development, production and distribution of television and distance learning programs for both the education industry and corporate sector. He also is an avid gardener and loves sustainable innovation.