3 Things To Consider When Buying A Green Garage Door

August 13, 2010

Options abound for the home owner looking to live a more green and sustainable life. As more consumers look for greener alternatives, more and more manufacturers are looking at how they can make their products appealing to the environmentally conscious.
When buying a garage door, however, one still needs to do a bit of homework to find a product and company that are truly environmentally friendly.

There are three things to consider when considering a green garage door.


Is the door made from renewable or recycled materials? If the door is wood, is it a composite made from recycled materials? Or is it made from virgin wood? Even steel and vinyl doors can be made from recycled products.

Manufacturers provide their distributors and installers with information regarding the content of the garage door, so installers should have no problem telling you what your door is made of. You should also follow up by asking what is done with the old door. Many smaller businesses simply throw out the door rather than deal with the expense associated with transporting and recycling the old door.


Insulation is particularly important if you have a garage door in Chicago or other cold zones. The insulation helps keep the cold out of not just the garage but any rooms with living space near the garage. Many garage doors come with insulation but it can vary greatly. The industry uses a rating referred to as R Value. The higher the R value, the better the insulation, and the more energy efficient the door is.


Unless you buy a natural wood garage door, chances are good it will have a paint or finish applied to it. You may think that avoiding a finish is the way to go, but applying it will actually help extend the life of the garage door. A finish will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the door in good condition, meaning it can last well beyond 20 years.

Many options exist for home owners seeking a green garage door. Just keep these 3 things in mind when you are shopping. You can also refer to this useful green garage door guide, to find a sustainable door for your needs.

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