Log Home Builders Specializing in Beetle-Killed Pine & Energy Efficiency

July 19, 2010

I have had the pleasure of writing about this Colorado company before and its skilled use of beetle-killed pine in some of the homes it builds.

Anne-Marie Anderson, the owner of Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes and Anderson Custom Homes, reports that the Evergreen, Colorado home featured in a recent Green Building Elements post measured over 3,000 square feet and used 43 tons of beetle kill in the home.

jeremiah johnson log homes Home760x240Beetle kill pine is not the only focus this builder uses in its blueprints. Energy efficiency also ranks high. In addition, the low energy costs required to maintain the home are worth noting. Anderson reports, “We did a blower door test on this home and have a full report.  The tester was impressed on how tight and energy efficient the home was.  This home was sold on spec January 26, 2010.   The highest energy bill we had on this home over a monthly period was $50.”Jeremiah Johnson log interior HomeC760x240

Anderson said her company is also constructing beetle kill pine homes in Breckenridge and Dillon now.  The Breckenridge home will receive the CO in approximately 2 weeks and the Dillon home just went under contract.  In addition to beetle kill, we also are building an Energy Star cedar home in Blue river utilizing FSC certified logs, beetle kill trim and solar.

For those who might be interested, this company provides a new Colorado LEED Certified log sales and information center. It is located on Interstate 70 in Dumont just before the Berthoud Pass turn-off leading to Empire and the Winter Park Ski area. The phone number is 303-567-2202.

Photos: Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes