IKEA Says Goodbye to Incandescent Light Bulbs

July 12, 2010

IKEA Takes an Environmental Initiative and Opts for More Green Halogen Light Bulbs

Beginning August 1st, 2010; all US IKEA stores will phase out the Incandescent lights bulbs* in their store and switch to halogen bulbs which use 30 percent less energy and last 2-4 times longer than conventional bulbs. IKEA plans to completely eliminate Incandescent light bulbs in all the stores by January 1, 2011. This bold move by the Swedish company is to help consumers live a more sustainable life and advance the environmental initiative. IKEA will be the first US retailer to completely switch over to more energy efficient light bulbs.

“IKEA is committed to integrating sustainability into all IKEA strategies and practices in the entire product life cycle. We also believe our customers are looking for every day environmentally responsible solutions for themselves. Eliminating incandescents is a simple way to lead the charge for IKEA customers to use energy saving light bulbs, thus reducing energy consumption and reducing the amount of greenhouses gases. It’s a little step with a big impact on our planet,” commented Mike Ward, US IKEA President.

Although IKEA may be the first retailer, it will certainly not be the last. With Federal legislation that will begin to eliminate Incandescent light bulbs beginning in 2012; IKEA is taking the initiative before the legislation will take effect. Jason Clay, Senior Vice President of Markets at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said, “As the first major retailer to completely phase out incandescent bulbs, we hope IKEA’s leadership will be contagious.”

Consumers will also have other options including CFLs and LED lamps which which are 70% more efficient than using incandescent bulbs. IKEA also offers solar powered lamps including their SUNNAN desk lamp and their ‘SOLIG’ range of outdoor lights. For those looking to recreate the warmth of incandescent light, IKEA suggests LEDs or halogen bulb. The company plans to introduce halogen bulbs that fit into standard sockets in the fall.

Although CFLs and LED lights are the most energy efficient than the halogen light; many consumers have hard time investing in the initial investment of higher price point. Also, there is some concern about the mercury in the CFLs. But with so many options within one place; there is no doubt that consumers can walk away with an energy source that fits their budget, safety concerns and Eco lifestyle.

*Except for 2 small chandelier incandescent bulbs
Source: IKEA
Photo Source: IKEA



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