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IKEA Says Goodbye to Incandescent Light Bulbs

IKEA Takes an Environmental Initiative and Opts for More Green Halogen Light Bulbs Beginning August 1st, 2010; all US IKEA stores will phase out the Incandescent lights bulbs* in their store and switch to halogen bulbs which use 30 percent less energy and last 2-4 times longer than conventional bulbs. IKEA plans to completely eliminate […]

July 12th

Vertical Gardens Showcase Homes & Buildings

Innovative new ways of including lush and visually intoxicating gardens in homes or buildings are surfacing – no longer on plots of land but on sections of vertical walls. Credit for inventing the vertical wall goes to French botanist and inventor, Patrick Blanc, as shown in this building photo.  According to Blanc’s website, the vertical […]

July 12th