Backyard Box Brings Green and Sustainable Design to Your Backyard

June 17, 2010

Seattle residents can now add a fully functioning living abode in their backyard due to new legislation that passed recently, and Backyard Box heeds the call with their new Backyard cottages or modular homes. This award-winning design is compact, functional, and stylish to boot. According to the Press Release by Backyard Box, The pre-designed modular prefab or custom dwelling units introduced earlier this year provide customers an easy and cost-effective way to add the living space they need with a variety of options depending on lot size and cottage usage.

“Aging parents, the rise in telecommuting, and the desire to create rental income are just a few of the many factors contributing to the increase in individuals and families seeking a solution to the problem of not enough living space,” said Sloan Ritchie, founder of Backyard Box, “The idea started with my own family’s need to have more space for a home office and ultimately resulted in a house that we rented for the added income. Depending on where you live, you can recoup the cost of building a backyard cottage in roughly five years of renting it.”

It comes loaded with sustainable and green features such as pre-wiring for solar panels, super-insulated walls and windows, non-toxic paints, and rain screen siding. Small spaces are naturally energy efficient so the Backyard Box is conducive to that as well. There is also an optional added feature called the Smart Box to incorporate solar H20 & PV solar panels and a smart home dashboard to monitor energy use in real-time. 

Designed for most city lots, Seattle residents who live in a single resident home with minimum of 4000 sq ft lot can easily have one in their backyard as expanded living space. Some cities might allow it as well; however, it can also work as a primary space for any residents. The cottages feature a contemporary design and range in size from the Mini Box at 325 square feet – perfect for a home office or studio to the Big Box at 800 square feet – two stories with a master suite.

Photo Source: Backyard Box



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