PaperStone is an Appealing Green Surface to Use

June 16, 2010

The company, PaperStone, contends its line of products represent some of the greenest surfaces on the market today. The products are hard as stone and even feel stone-like. But make no mistake about where these products hale from: 100 percent paper. Made of paper, but water-esistant. Common applications for these surfaces include interior countertops, wall cladding, conference tables, signs, cutting boards, window sills, and toilet partitions.

The company website states that most PaperStone products have been made from post-consumer waste, recycled paper and proprietary, petroleum-free, phenolic resins. Colored products are UV resistant. There are two series of recycled paper-based PaperStone products:

  • Original, made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard
  • Certified: made from 100 percent post-consumer standard office paper.
  • Depending upon the project, the use of PaperStone may contribute to several LEED credits, states the company.


The company says the product is best used for various interior horizontal applications such as counters, window sills and door thresholds. Some of the products also can be used for structural applications, landscape components, furniture, table tops and other manufactured products. Standard panel sizes are 60″ x 144″ in standard thicknesses of 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/4″. Other panel thicknesses and sizes can be special ordered. Contact your distributor for details.  Sheets can be cut with standard woodworking materials.


Phenolic resin and paper composites have long been known to have predictable tensile, compression, impact and flexural strengths, and are abrasion resistant. They absorb little water and have a Class A fire rating. PaperStone has been tested and certified as non-detectable for formaldehyde by the most demanding test available, “the so-called desiccant method test.” As for pricing. panels are comparable to quality granite and brand name solid surface or quartz material products.

The company website states, ‘PaperStone® is committed to innovative green products that contribute to a holistic lifestyle that is smart, elegant, and responsible.” It concludes, “PaperStone isn’t just an attractive new material that is produced in a socially responsible manner, it is also strong and tough. It has steel-like strength in span. It has stone-like beauty and it can be worked like fine hardwoods. PaperStone is innovative and cost-competitive.”



Glenn Meyers

Writer, documentary producer, and director. Meyers is a contributor to CleanTechnica, and founder of Green Streets MediaTrain, a communications connection and eLearning hub. As an independent producer, he's been involved in the development, production and distribution of television and distance learning programs for both the education industry and corporate sector. He also is an avid gardener and loves sustainable innovation.