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EKLA HOME Offers Sustainable and Eco Furniture Option

EKLA HOME created by Emily Kroll in 2007 is a great sustainable minded furniture company that uses reclaimed wood, Organic fabrics, and low VOC binders. Kroll comes from an established line of furniture makers; furniture designer on one side, and an architectural and scrap metal recycler on the other. Kroll uses this knowledge, as well […]

June 29th

Top 10 Green Building Products 2010

Sustainable Industries announced the release of its 2010 Top 10 Green Building Products guide, the annual publication profiling industry-leading green building products selected by a panel of expert judges and Sustainable Industries magazine’s editorial team. “It’s clear that as green building certifications become more stringent, product manufacturers continue to innovate, producing higher performing and more […]

June 24th

Artefact Reclaimed Furniture are Salvaged Around the World

While doing a story for a company named Artefact; I came across another company with same name that actually makes home furnishing from salvaged items. Artefact Design and Salvage collects anything from old factory lights to reclaimed wood that are re-purposed to high end designer items. As pictured above, the Milk Factory Lights are from […]

June 23rd

An Abundance of Alternative Walls

As green structures become more widespread so has the variety of wall systems that can be part of the finished products. The materials in these wall systems includes everything from trash plastic to paper, stones and straw. One designer and builder of alternative wall systems is architect and sculptor Doug Eichelberger, from Larkspur, Colorado. He […]

June 22nd