The Cool Hunter’s Treelife 2010 to be a Global Show of Modern Prefab Tree Houses

September 24, 2009

Psyched to announce thier first offline event, TreeLife by The Cool Hunter, will be unveiled sometime in 2010 (city to be announced). Hey all you tree house builders and fanatics, your time has come for an inspirational modern prefab tree house playground made exclusively for forest loving, fresh air and sky dwelling mavens.

In addition, the cool hunter states:

“This event will showcase innovative and creative sustainable architecture, and illustrate that green can co-exist with urban city life.

The world’s first major public exhibition of ‘green design’ treehouses, TreeLife will bring the biggest names in international architecture, design and art into the one public place for the first time,  showcasing cutting edge green and sustainable design.”

What’s life like in the trees? To explain more about the vision of this exhibit cool hunter writes:

“Treehouses have become creative eco-statements in the design world. They allow people to literally be “in” nature and peace above the stressful street level of life. The Cool Hunter will invite top local and international architects, artists and designers to design for the event a modern treehouse, created from sustainable and recycled materials”

All images and event poster above via the cool hunter.