San Fran’s Orchard Hotel Nabs LEED-EB Certification

April 17, 2009

orchard-guestroom.jpgIf it works for one San Fran hotel then it must work for another. No, we’re not talking about more upscale mini bar items but Greening a hotel. In this case, the Orchard Garden Hotel’s (which garnered LEED-NC certification) sister property the Orchard Hotel just nabbed LEED-EB certification.

The Orchard represents San Francisco’s only hotel to earn this honor, the Orchard Hotel is the second hotel in California and fourth hotel in the world with this certification. The inspiration from these green hotels comes from its 85-year-old owner, Mrs. S.C. Huang, who has pushed her environmental agenda and created more environmentally safe and sustainable hotels after the untimely cancer-related deaths of three family members.

We know that points don’t represent everything but for those strictly into the numbers the hotel achieved 35 out of a possible 36 points on the LEED-EB scorecard.

Those not familiar with LEED-EB shouldn’t expect alt energy (but it would be nice), large scale green building materials (foundations, roofs, etc) and other large ticket green building attributes. Here the sustainable aspects come more in the form of interior and service. We like the fact that the hotel is Energy Star rated and 90% more energy efficient than comparable hotels. It also contains a plate and frame heat exchanger installed on the rooftop which decreases power needed for climate control and cooling.

At night, guests can sleep (or whatever they else they do in bed) better knowing that the mattress covers are made from organic and naturally anti-microbial fibers, and the wood in guest room bed bases comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainably harvested forests.

The hotel even took over the formerly Vignette restaurant (now christened Daffodil) and changed the menu to consist of mostly local ingredients and organic produce and meats from small California farms however we have yet to dig our forks into the new fare so we’ll have to see about that Green aspect later. After all, fares fair.