New Equipment Provides Heat AND Electricity

November 30, 2008

Honda MCHP and

American Honda Motor Company presented its new Micro-sized Combined Heat and Power (MCHP) Deluxe co-generation unit at Greenbuild 2008 in Boston, Massachusets.  The unit has been around for a while (in Japan since 2003, and here in the US since 2007).  The system provides home heating or water heating along with power generation in one package.  It also includes a generator to provide power during an outage.

When installed in combination with a furnace system such as ECR International’s “freewatt,” homeowners can expect to save between $500 and $1,000 per year on their power bills.  This is achieved through the power-generating capabilities of the MCHP, plus the fact that the “freewatt” system provides additional electricity as a by-product of its heating process.

The MCHP system includes a Honda back-up generator that operates on natural gas or propane and has sensor technology to improve performance.  The generator features a converter that detects outages, and it can provide 1.8 kilowatts in back-up and boost modes.

“Across all markets in which we sell products, the Honda mission is to bring advanced, innovative and environmentally responsible products to our customers,” said Steve Bailey, vice president of power equipment for American Honda. ”The Honda MCHP systems fulfill this mission by helping homeowners save energy, reduce greenhouse gasses and save money on their home heating while enjoying the high level of comfort and performance they have come to expect.”

The Honda MCHP Deluxe units will be sold in the United States only and will be marketed via Honda’s Power Equipment Division in Alpharetta, Georgia. More than 60,000 MCHP units have been sold globally since its introduction in 2003.

Information regarding Honda products is available at For product inquiries and dealer locations, please call 800-426-7701.

Information regarding the ECR “freewatt” system is available at






Dawn Killough

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