Wildfire-Proof Prefab Camp Closes Up When You’re Gone

November 16, 2008

If you live in dangerous drought conditions, wildfires are a worry.

So imagine a campsite dwelling designed so that you can easily just close it up entirely, completely concealed inside a fireproof sheath, whenever you are away. It is perfect for sites like this isolated area of drought-ridden Australia.

When closed, this prefab is completely sheathed in copper. This protects the 10 x10 foot building from brush fire. And not just fire:

Goldilocks would love to creep upstairs when you are away and sleep in your comfy bed. An occasional-use building like this isolated camp shelter also needs to be protected against wandering vandals like Goldilocks. This design achieves that goal too.

Because how are any wandering vandals going to get in? There’s no windows to break.

When you are gone, it looks weird and nasty, presenting a deliberately non-inviting presence to any possible unwelcome “guests”. It might have come from another dimension of the universe, even.

But, it is surprisingly luxurious and comfortable inside when its opened up for habitation. Natural breezes flow through it. A spartan approach to green living.

In back, this cistern collects rain while you are gone, so you can put on a pot of tea when you return from your sojourns in this parched landscape.

Not bad, eh?

Architect: Casey Brown
Source: Research Architecture