New Green Building 101 E-book

November 7, 2008

In the future, there will be no green building as green building will be the norm. It will be like asking an architect to design a “structurally sound” building. To us and many others that equates to a future no brainer. Until then, with many people unaware of the benefits or even the basics of Green building, then books like Green Building 101: A Basic Guide to Building and Remodeling Sustainably makes a good introduction. Even more enticing in this tight economy would be that this book costs nothing.

Green Building 101 makes for an easy intro for anyone not familiar with the green building process. Author Dawn Killough breaks the book down into categories such as energy efficiency, building materials, and construction procedures. Anyone familiar with the LEED system or Green Point Rated certification programs will be knowledable with these topics.

Those in the Pacific Northwest or specifically in Oregon might relate better to this book as the Beaver State based writer uses many specifc examples such as that Oregon is a net-metering state or Energy Star requirements for Oregon.

We think that this e-book makes for an easy and useful although rudimentary green read. Overall, it reads like a tasty appetizer to a main course. Those who want a more in-depth green building experience might check out Green Building for Dummies by Eric Corey Freed. Dummies offers more specifics and easy fixes, not to mention humor, for those who want to get their green building fix on.

In this world of news bites and short attention spans, Green Building 101 delivers what it sets out to do. It creates a snapshot for those unknowing or slightly curious about the green building world. After reading it hopefully readers will be even more motivated to actually DO something with the information.