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Published on August 5th, 2008 | by Kristin Dispenza


Dockside Green is the Highest Rated LEED Platinum Project in the World

The LEED for New Construction rating system awards a total of 69 points in 6 categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation and Design.

The project obtaining the most LEED points (for new construction) has, until recently, been the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Wisconsin, which received 61 points. But last week, Phase I of the Dockside Green development in Victoria, British Columbia, set a new point record. (Green Building Elements first covered the Dockside Green project in February.)

Phase I of the project, called “Synergy,” (pictured above) earned 63 points, making it the highest rated LEED Platinum project in the world. It achieved the maximum possible number of points in 5 out of the 6 categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation and Design Process. A July 22 press release lists the following areas in which the project accumulated its points:

  • Biomass gasification District Energy System utilizing wood-waste to create all heat energy and hot water
  • Improved building insulation, high performance glazing and shading leading to significant building energy savings
  • Exhaust air energy (heat) recovery
  • Reduced lighting power densities with energy-efficient fixtures and occupancy sensors
  • Treating 100% of waste water in an on-site plant
  • Reducing indoor potable water use by over 65 per cent with dual flush toilets, low-flow fixtures, and use of treated water for flushing toilet, irrigation and water features
  • Green roofs and naturalized creek on site

Synergy includes commercial space as well as 95 homes in two condo buildings and townhomes.

The developers of Dockside Green were so determined to achieve the highest LEED Platinum rating that they promised to pay a penalty of $1 million to the city of Victoria should they fail to hit that mark. Joe Bellingham, owner and partner of Dockside Green, told the Victoria Times Colonist that so many people say they are designing to LEED standards, and then fail to follow through with certification, that he and his partners wanted to attach consequences to failing to live up to their goal.

Dockside Green is also participating in the pilot phase of LEED for Neighborhood Development.

Image Courtesy of: Tartan PR

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US Fed News Service, Including US State News February 6, 2006 The Maryland State Lottery Agency issued the following news release:

The Maryland Lottery broke several records last week, bringing in nearly $35 million in sales. Scratch-off sales exceeded $11 million for the first time in the Lottery’s history, while Pick 4 had a record-breaking sales week of almost $5 million. Players also benefited from huge payouts in Pick 3 and Pick 4. And, Keno and Keno Bonus brought in a hefty $9.3 million in combined sales. The $35 million week was the Lottery’s third best sales week ever. Only two other sales weeks proved better, and those occurred when Mega Millions jackpots reached $360 million in May 2000, and $328 million in April 2002.

“We are thrilled to see this kind of sales activity,” said an elated Buddy Roogow, Director of the Maryland Lottery. “We hope to continue the momentum throughout the remainder of the fiscal year and beyond.” Much of the week’s success can be credited to the launch of two unique initiatives – Multi-Match and $20 Million Mania. Multi-Match, a new Lotto-style game, replaced Lotto after 23 years. Based on initial sales, the new game is already proving to be a popular alternative to its predecessor. Tickets for Multi-Match went on sale February 2, 2006, and within four days, Multi-Match sales exceeded $1 million – including approximately $400,000 in free coupons. Even without the free coupons, Multi-Match sales for the four days were more than double that of Lotto sales during the same four days of the previous week. Multi-Match, which boasts more ways to win, produced over 78,500 winners from its first drawing. For the same period, during the previous week, Lotto produced 10,110 winners. site free coupons by mail

The Lottery also launched $20 Million Mania, a scratch-off with a new $20 price point. The first of its kind in Maryland, $20 Million Mania features over $20 million in total cash prizes. The oversized scratch-off gives players the chance to win one of two top prizes of $1 million each. Players can also send in their non-winning tickets for a second-chance drawing for $2 million. Last week’s sales of the $20 ticket were just shy of $2.7 million, far exceeding the first week’s launch of any other scratch-off ticket in the Lottery’s history. Early indicators show that players are purchasing the $20 ticket – in addition to their other favorite scratch-offs. With much credit going to the $20 ticket, last week’s scratch-off sales of more than $11 million shattered last year’s record sales of $8.9 million during the same week. In addition to helping scratch-off sales climb to new heights, the ticket is also helping to raise sales for all lower price-point scratch-off tickets. Contact: Jimmy White, 410/230-8800.

Jimmy White, 410/230-8800.

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