First LEED Certified MedSpa

May 2, 2008



Yes, most of this list refers to the Brit series Ab Fab but if Eddy and Patsy turned in their smokes and cocktails for organic and sustainable munchies then they too would be excited for the opening of the Epi Center MedSpa, the first LEED certified MedSpa in the country. (Another LEED spa exists in D.C. but it isn’t a MedSpa). So, because fictional characters from a long ago Brit TV series couldn’t check out this just opened San Fran based spa, I decided that I had to do it.

In I ventured, bypassing the various creams, packs, rubs and treatments I instead focused my attention to the flooring. It took years off of my face (or rather my feet) to see the eco-friendly options like the Toscana Stone Designer Marble and Quartz line from EuroStone. Yes, it comes from Italy but the tile comes from an engineered material made of the more than 90% recycled marble chips gives the floor that luxe look.

In the treatment room dahhling, I found the floating cork tiles (these from Nova Distinctive Floors) to die for because they not only represent a renewable resource but Nova makes this floor from re-manufactured cork top. That’s double Green in my book. I kept my eyes down to find the Sisal Carpet Tile in the treatment hallway and waiting area. This agave based material makes an earth-friendly alternative to synthetic fibers and even absorbs whatever noise that dares to enter the spa. Even in the non-public areas they installed Sisal Twist Broadloom Carpet that contains post-consumer, recycled content backing, made by recovering mineral residuals from the paper recycling industry.

You might think that I only stared at the floor. Not me. I gazed upward at the ceilings suggested by Organic Architect Eric Corey Freed which sourced Homasote, a fiberboard made of recycled newspaper. Freed even helped apply the water based stain which gives it a chocolaty warm feeling.

I could and did continue to admire the spa’s overall green handiwork of architect Justin Martinkovic, from the FSC certified wood veneers to the EcoSmart Fire.

I did consider the green aspects of the actual beauty and medical products. They do offer some organic facials with ingredients such as 100% organic fruit and spicy masks. But then I saw a slew of Chemical Peels on the menu. That sounds painful and not so green. Oh well, I’ll have to report on the treatments in the near future. But for now, I’m tingly just walking though the green space.