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Published on April 10th, 2008 | by Joel Bittle


USGBC and ASID Launch REGREEN: Green Remodeling Guidelines

REGREENUnder the FAQs for LEED for Homes is a question on whether the US Green Building Council has a LEED program for remodeling. The response is that they are “in active consideration.” It seems they’ve done more than just consider. Last month at the Interiors 08 conference in New Orleans, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) unveiled REGREEN, a joint program with the USGBC to provide guidelines for remodeling green. REGREEN will target residential designers, construction professionals, and homeowners. Though the USGBC was involved in its creation, REGREEN will be vastly different than LEED. Instead of assigning a point value to each green product or practice, REGREEN will be used more as a resource of what remodelers have done in the past to make homes more energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable.

Through the use of REGREEN case studies, interior designers can find how to make their current project more green. ASID does point out that the case studies are not to be used as a list of what materials and practices a designer should use, but rather a guideline of what has been used in the past. These case studies, along with a green product checklist and public comments, will provide interior designers with plenty of resources and strategies to tackle their own green remodel.

Though the case studies were done before the creation of REGREEN, it is clear that they were influenced by LEED for Homes. They tackle all of the areas of green, including energy and water conservation, interior air quality, and sustainable materials. Four of the case studies were done in California. The rest were from areas as diverse as Colorado, Texas, New York, Michigan, Georgia, and Florida.

Included in the program are in-depth strategies on, to name a few, how to “ensure durability,” “manage noise,” “employ universal design,” “design to support connection with nature,” “minimize site disturbance,” “make use of trees and landscaping to reduce cooling loads,” “landscape to minimize chemical use,” “provide rainwater collection system,” and “install on-demand hot water recirculation systems.” A read through the manual will show that the program offers specific answers to many green remodeling questions while leaving designers free to use the best materials for their remodel.

If you are looking for more resources on green remodeling or interior design, here is one on modern green living as well as a humorous one on New Levels of LEED.

If you have some experience with REGREEN, please leave your own thoughts. I’m interested in some feedback on the program.


Stroll Achieves New Revenue Milestones in 2011.

Marketing Weekly News April 14, 2012 Stroll, the next-generation education e-commerce platform and marketer of The Pimsleur Approach language learning programs, announced revenue growth for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011. pimsleur approach review

For the year, Stroll revenues were $40 million, up 135 percent from $17 million in 2010. This continues Stroll’s track record of exponential revenue growth: since its inception in 2002, Stroll has grown revenues at a compounded annual growth rate of over 70 percent.

Dan Roitman, founder and CEO of Stroll, says, “It is exciting that in a tough economic environment, Stroll continues to post eye-popping revenue growth. Clearly, our customers want to improve themselves by learning new languages with The Pimsleur Approach. But it’s more than just having a great product to sell: we are fanatical about deploying advanced analytics to measure effectiveness of our marketing spend, and then optimizing every single marketing dollar to deliver maximum results. It’s working, as evidenced by our expectations for another year of significant growth in 2012.” Stroll is staffing up to meet expected demand and has made over 30 hires in 2012 with a total employee base of 160 in Philadelphia.

Mr. Roitman continued, “Our goal is to be a billion-dollar-plus company by 2020, and to do that we need a strong team up and down the lineup, as well as additional consumer-focused businesses to which we can apply our marketing know-how and expertise. We believe we can be to the educational market what Amazon is to retail.” About Stroll Stroll is a next generation education e-commerce platform company headquartered in Philadelphia. Stroll deploys sophisticated marketing analytics and an advanced e-commerce platform to drive triple-digit growth for the products it owns or licenses. The company’s flagship product, The Pimsleur Approach, is one of the leading audio-based language learning systems, second in the U.S. market to Rosetta Stone. The company has increased its revenue at a compounded annual growth rate of 73% since 2002 and revenue growth in 2011, alone, was 135%. By 2020, Stroll aims to exceed $1 billion in revenue through organic and inorganic growth. web site pimsleur approach review

In Brief: Credit Cards Online: Visa Versus Amex.(Brief Article) website american express online

American Banker January 12, 2006 | Wolfe, Daniel Visa’s credit cards are the most popular online, but American Express cards used there are the champions in average annual charges, Jupiter Research says.

Still, most online shoppers prefer to use debit cards, Jupiter said last week in a report on an August survey.

Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed said they prefer to use a Visa credit card for online purchases, but 31% said they prefer debit cards. Next came three rival credit card brands: MasterCard at 19% and American Express and Discover at 7% each.

American Express’ online shoppers are the most affluent, the report said. Thirty-six percent of them claimed household income of more than $100,000 — and 37% said they spend more than $800 a year online with their Amex card.

Online consumers said that rates and reward programs are important, but that ease of use is more so; 28% chose a card they had used before simply because they did not want to retype their card information. see here american express online

Jupiter, a division of Jupitermedia Corp. of Darien, Conn., said the big untapped opportunity for card issuers online is in security programs. Twenty percent of the respondents said they decided which card to use after evaluating its online security features.

Wolfe, Daniel

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