GreenBean Seeking a Chicago Editor

March 3, 2008

GreenBean logoThere are a number of regional blogs about green building that I follow, more or less, regularly.   Some of them are already in our blogroll (at the right), and we’re working to expand that list.   One of the best, in my opinion, is Green Bean, which covers green building in Chicago and the surrounding counties.  It’s tight in its focus because it deals only with the Chicago region, and it is focused on building projects that have been built or are under construction.  Each article is a case study of a green building in a few paragraphs.

Right now, its founder and editor, Erik, is looking for someone (or, more likely, several people)  to take over the blog for him.  Green Bean is clearly a labor of love but Erik has announced that he has some big changes coming up that are going to take him away and he is not going to be able to keep GreenBean going by himself.  He writes, that, because of a new job,  he is “…relocating to Stuttgart, Germany for 6-12 months, then to New York City.   In addition to this, we’re expecting our first child in April.”

If you are a Green Building Elements reader in the Chicago area, and you would like to get more involved in promoting green building, Erik is looking for someone like you.  There’s more information about it at Green Bean.

Part of my appreciation for Green Bean may be due to the fact that I lived in Chicago’s western suburbs for a few years after finishing graduate school, so I have a little familiarity with the area and some friends who are still there.  I’m too far away from Chicago to take on anything like this myself, but I want to see it carry on, so I want to do what I can to help.

I hope that a new editor can be found to carry on the good work that Green Bean has been doing.  Chicago has been developing its reputation as a green city, and, while I wouldn’t pretend that Green Bean has been instrumental in driving it, it has been a wonderful voice for reporting on it.