Green Building for Dummies Book Signing Party

eruc-freed-pix.jpgIn a city known for its famous writers, San Francisco got another taste of literary excellence. Sure we have the likes of beat writers such as Jack Kerouac and notable romance writers like Danielle Steel but last night the City got a taste of Green writing. To some, local Green hero Eric Corey Freed represents only the Organic Architect but now he’s become a literary giant with the book release party for another in the “Dummies” series – yes, now the world can read “Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies.” The book, with its typical rough overview, offers the wry wit combined with the informative Green building info that makes Mr. Freed so notable in the Bay Area.

The book party setting, the dark and claustrophobic Temple bar didn’t exactly fit the image of the typical literary signing venue. Maybe next time it could be an indie literary hangout or (gasp) even a large chain bookstore. The snacks, although heavily grazed on, certainly lacked the organic flavor. But we didn’t come for the snacks, we got somewhat of a giddy delight just to have Señor Freed autograph our soon to be valuable first edition. (EBay in a few years anyone?)

Finally, we were especially proud ourselves upon entering the downstairs part of the venue because as several people mentioned the Ford modeling agency had a model type party at the exact same time in the upper part of the club. Long leggy models or Green architects? Who do you think we are?

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