Weekend Web Review: The Ramsay Home Project

May 12, 2007

Some blogs start out from a small beginning premise and expand their scope and scale as they go on. Early posts on The Ramsay Home Project were just progress photos documenting the construction of a new home for a young, newlywed couple who wanted to build “an eco-friendly nest in the heart of Canada’s oil capital: Calgary, Alberta.”

But it appears that their interests grew, and as part of their investigation of greener living, the blog began to include articles about green news and topics of interest. It has grown to include links to a couple dozen other green websites and blogs (some of which are familiar, others may not be), and resources on elements of green construction.

The name of The Ramsay Home Project derives not from the family’s name, but instead from the name of the neighborhood the house is being built in. The house they are building is an Arts-and-Crafts style house built with insulated concrete forms (ICF) and using sustainable materials and building practices.

“While the project is still in its infancy, the vision is to build an environmentally responsible, small foot-print house that blends into Calgary’s historical neighbourhood of Ramsay, just outside the downtown core. The house will be primarily made of concrete and heated by the earth — with insulated-concrete-forms and super high-efficiency gas heating. The website is updated daily with content such as site reports, local resources, eco-friendly interiors, environmentally responsible suppliers and new green technology.”

In addition to collecting links about the products they are using, their site contains links to information about Alternate Energy, Local Non-Profit Organizations, and Smart Homes and more. Their blog includes a range of green topics. Recent stories they have featured have included green product information (“Home Depot promotes Eco Options”), green celebrity (“Brad Pitt starts eco-friendly building project”), general green news (“Gore Calls Canada Climate Plan a ‘Fraud’”), and more.

The home is still under construction (although they haven’t updated their pictures in a while). They haven’t documented the story of the project as fully as they might, though there are mentions in the discussion about their “new contractor” and their “old contractor.” And this entry is especially telling (it is also a good article to read for anyone who is going to be working with contractors).

The Ramsay Home Project provides another appealing source of green-oriented information with a decidedly personal perspective. Their scope is more limited and personal than some other sites, but in this case, I think it’s an advantage.