Ibs symptoms

January 24, 2007

Severe ibs symptoms

Worldwide, over 220 million people are suffering from IBS (“Irritable Bowel Syndrome”)

A Serious Warning Signal: IBS

Frequent Diarrhea IBS-D symptoms.

There is no cure for IBS-D, but a variety of medications may be prescribed to reduce symptoms: symptoms of ibs, Cramping and Abdominal Pain (many times severe), Bloating and Persistent Flatulence, (The presence of excessive gas in the digestive tract.)

Constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C)

” (IBS-C) is constipation, or its counterpart: Although there is no cures for IBS, there are treatments that attempt to relieve symptoms, including dietary adjustments, medication and psychological treatments are also important.

Occurring more often in women than in men, it can begin before the age of 35 in about 50% of people ibs symptoms in women. IBS is far more widespread than you might believe. As many as 20% of the adult population, or one in five people, have or will eventually experience symptoms of IBS, making it one of the most common medically diagnosed disorders.

Some theorize that Autoimmunity is the Root-Cause.

Examples in general:

” When Autoimmunity attacks the stomach and digestive environment in general, the we define the resulting consequences are:”Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” “Gastritis,” “Ulcers,” “Acid Reflux,” “GERD,” “Hiatal Hernia,” and “Barrett’s Esophagus.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the joints, the term used is “Arthritis.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the colon, the terms often used are: “Ulcerative Colitis,” “Proctitis,” “Diverticulosis,” and “Diverticulitis.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the muscles, the term used is “Fibromyalgia.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the pancreas, the term used is “Diabetes”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the tear ducts of the eye, and/or the saliva glands of the mouth, the term used is “Sjogren’s Syndrome.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the thyroid gland, the terms used are: “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis” and “Grave’s Disease.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the layers of the skin, common terms often used are; “Eczema,” “Psoriasis,” and “Rosacea.”

” When Autoimmunity attacks the small intestinal tract, the terms often used are: “Crohn’s Disease,” “Celiac Disease,” “Leaky Gut Syndrome,” and “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

” When Autoimmunity attacks multiple areas of the body simultaneously, terms also exist identifying the particular combinations of the assault, such as “Lupus,” where we commonly witness the attack hitting the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart, and lungs.

” Therefore, one may understand from these examples, that the Root-Disease is Autoimmunity, attacking various areas of the body, causing tissue damage (inflammation, damage, malfunction, and pain). The diagnosed disease- term, such as “Arthritis,” (or any above or below) is simply a term identifying a potentially painful and damaging “condition,” which is merely a consequence of the Autoimmune attack on a specific area of the body.

Quote: “Autoimmunity often attacks multiple systems, organs, tissues, and cells of the body simultaneously. I refer to this assault on the body as “The Shot -Gun Effect of Autoimmunity.” Millions suffer with multiple autoimmune conditions. In almost every case, the suffering person is unaware that their conditions and symptoms are all Autoimmune driven. The medical doctor has no motive to educate or discuss this with the patient, for they are trained to treat symptoms only and have no reason to discuss the Root-Cause. They are taught by the system that the Root-Cause, Autoimmunity, is “incurable,” and in most cases are unaware that various conditions and symptoms alike are Autoimmune or Autoimmune related.” Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

” There are over 100 different Autoimmune conditions, and hundreds of symptoms of ibs in women Autoimmune symptoms, caused by the Autoimmune attack on the various organs, systems, and tissues of the body.