Important Media is the reincarnation of Green Options Media, which was hailed as the “first green blog network.” Launched in February 2007, Green Options Media grew into a leader among “green” news and information sources aimed at general audiences.

Starting February 2010, GO Media reorganized 10 of its blogs into a new network called Important Media by original founder David Anderson.

Green Building Elements is one of those original 10 sites and focuses on green building and architecture, sustainable design, urbanism and environmental impacts. All of our paid positions are currently filled, but we’re always happy to hear from green builders, designers, architects, and LEED accredited specialists about guest posting about:

  • Green Building
  • Sustainable designs and architecture
  • Urbanism
  • Green Technology
  • Sustainable Building Products

If any of these areas strike a chord with you, we’d love to hear from you! To learn more about writing for us and put in your application, visit Writing for Important Media.

Image Credit: Markus Rödder via Flickr

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