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Green Product Review: ThermaPAVER

November 8th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

The ThermaPAVER panel system is assembled beneath either pedestal mounted or ground mounted pavers or stones. The system can be used under driveways, roads, patios, sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, entry ways, pool decks, and any other place where pavers of any size, shape, or material are used

Visiting the Fabulous Collection of Doctor Renewables

October 9th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

This treasure trove of information on renewables features a remarkable video library of technical and scientific demos addressing a wide range of subject matter. Rousseau cache presently houses more than 300 topics, from interviews to demonstrations. The website states that a new video is added daily -- a remarkable undertaking.

Portland General Electric Seeks Renewables Proposals for Approximately 100 MW

October 5th, 2012 | by pressroom

The RFP seeks approximately 100 “average megawatts” of renewable power, enough to serve more than 83,000 typical PGE residential customers. Energy sources must be at least 10 MW and can include wind, geothermal, biomass, biogas, solar, and hydroelectric power. PGE said it may acquire either a single resource or a mix of resources to achieve the total desired renewable energy target. The utility anticipates the resources acquired will be brought into the company’s portfolio in the 2013-2017 timeframe

Guest Post: An Insight into Geothermal Pumps

October 2nd, 2012 | by GBE FACTS

Geothermal power offers the best green deal for home heating currently. The power comes from a range of different underground sources, including shallow ground, warm underwater springs and liquefied rock in the form of magma that lies far beneath the earth’s crust

Xcel Energy Seeks More Renewables in New Mexico

August 1st, 2012 | by GBE FACTS

SPS is seeking, on an annual basis, approximately 88,705 MWh of “other” renewable energy generation as defined by the New Mexico Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), or an equivalent amount of biogas of approximately 665,300 MMBtu (one million British thermal units) to be in commercial operation no later than January 1, 2015. SPS prefers that the biomass resources be located in New Mexico

More Cleantech News!

June 8th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

Thanks to Zach Shahan at Clean Technica, get caught up on all of this cleantech news. [repostus hash=4ec94dae7da45519f83c1ef678770fe0 title=More+Cleantech+News%21 host=Clean+Technica [&hellip

Clean Technology Venture Deals Rise While Dollars Fall in 1Q 2012

April 6th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

According to information from Cleantech Group, the number of venture deals for clean technology rose in the first quarter of 2012 even though the dollar total of the funding deals declined modestly. The firm reports that early-stage deals appear to be on the rise again, and the mergers and acquisition market remains strong.

Clean Energy Policy News (5 Stories)

April 5th, 2012 | by Glenn Meyers

Thanks to Clean Technica for providing current news items pertaining to clean energy. [repostus hash=f1085a8c0c55ec11f5338a4d70adbad1 title=Clean+Energy+Policy+News+%285+Stories%29 host=Clean+Technica short=18LFc snip=%C2%A0+Some+recent+climate+and+clean+energy+policy+news+from+the+corners+of+the+interwebs%3A+1.+The+%E2%80%9CHubei+Province+has+started+preliminary+work+with+current+investment+of+8.5+million+Yuan+%28%241.34+million%29+to+set+up+13+research+groups+on+the+carbon+emissions+trading+study.%E2%80%9D+2.+Beijing%E2%80%99s%C2%A0electronic%26hellip%3B

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